The Maternity Partners platform empowers providers and OB coordinators to quickly Identify and prioritize clinical and financial opportunities to improve care delivery. The platform identifies and prioritizes a pregnancy care plan for mothers based upon gaps in care, complications, and utilization rates. Our HIPAA compliant solution delivers actionable insights by streamlining care management and optimizing patient engagement with personalized care plans for mothers.

Key Benefits


The Maternity Partners analytics platform identifies opportunities to mitigate unnecessary costs through the utilization of services and prevent critical gaps in care providing real-time insight to providers.

Risk Stratification

Our risk stratification technology combines clinical, demographic, and patient insights to provide a real-time prioritization list so care managers are efficiently and effectively following up with the most at-risk patients first.

Member Engagement

We give OB Coordinators communication tools necessary to communicate with patients early and often. These tools include a patient mobile application, messaging and alerts, and programmed care pathways.